What’s the Best Way to Send Flowers to Dubai

Are you interested to know how you can send flowers to Dubai without getting all that hassle of expensive rates, extra charges, and worst of all, wilted flowers? You can send flower to Dubai by simply searching flower shops in Dubai like Mercury Flowers – Flower Shop in Dubai. Use the website of the local Dubai flower shop and their online purchasing or ordering system and have the flowers sent to the local Dubai address you want. Sounds simple enough, right? But wait! There are other important things you need to notice and consider before choosing a flower shop and making your order.

So first, you would want to look up flower shops in Dubai that are nearby or close to the address you intend to send the flowers. So that means, do not choose those that are like 2 hours away because you know what will happen to your flowers by the time they get to your intended receiver!

Also, it is not practical to choose a flower shop that is far from your intended destination address because you might be charged extra fees for the delivery, which by the way is now being offered for free by most flower shops as long as they can deliver your order to a nearby area.

So after you have checked the address and the flower shops around that area, you need to check the top results. This means you visit the shop’s website, check their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Why do you need to do this? Because this is where you will often see updated prices, offers, and special products from the flower shop. Let’s face it, businesses don’t often have the resources to constantly update the information on their website, so it can be hard to find the latest news about them on it. Your best bet is their social media accounts.

Based on your reading and browsing of the flower shops’ social media accounts, you can make a guess or conclusion as to which one meets your requirements. Are you putting particular importance to customer service? Do you need a flower shop that is able to supply rare flowers? Are you searching for one that does not charge expensive rates? All your requirements for choosing a flower shop, you should think about at this stage and start clicking away at those flower shops results to check which one is most suitable. It doesn’t have to be just one, of course. You can call one and then another to compare rates, services, and overall products.

You can easily find the best flower shop in Dubai if you just take some time thinking of the approach you are going to take for your search. This particularly matters if you are ordering flowers for a hotel, wedding, or large resort event that you would need a lot of flowers for at a certain budget.


Wondering about your flower needs? Here are a few tips you can use for planning our wedding bouquet: